What our clients are saying

Small Village helps people from all different walks of life everyday. No two clients are the same and the results we achieve are very often life changing.

When I was first introduced to Small Village Therapy (SVT) and what they offered I was sceptical. They were offering to be an advocate between me and my Banks to help get me out of the crazy financial position I was in. I had recently tried to consolidate my debt with my main Bank and they had said no. So I thought that giving SVT ago I had nothing to lose, worst case the Bank says no and I continue as I was drowning in debt that I would never pay off. Within a couple of weeks, SVT had contacted my Banks and in all but one case the Banks actually wrote off my debt. Yes, that is correct they didn’t negotiate no interest repayments and ways for me to repay the debt, they wrote it off. It was mind-blowing and I still feel it is a dream I am going to wake from. In a year that is crazy beyond belief, I actually for the first time in forever feel free. I can see a future for myself and my daughter and have the funds to plan it. I am not just paying bills to stay afloat. I will never be able to thank Des and his team enough for what they have done for me. Saying yes and agreeing to let SVT act on my behalf changed my life and I highly recommend their services.
After all, what have you got to lose?


Small Village Therapy has filled a much needed gap in helping victims and children recover financially from the devastating, and long-term effects, of family violence. As a Family and Domestic Violence Advocate working in the court system, I see the effects of family violence at separation and also years after the relationship has ended when perpetrators choose to use legal systems to continue the abuses. My experience in referring clients to Small Village Therapy for financial support and advocacy has been overwhelmingly positive. The results of their advocacy has been outstanding, with outcomes I have not seen before, and which have profoundly altered my clients lives. Especially worth noting is their dedication to the family and domestic violence sector as a whole, employing professional staff who are trauma informed and able to deal with the complex dynamics and intersections of family violence.

NaomiFDV Advocate, Perth

A huge thank you to Colette at Small Village Therapy. Over the past year she has managed to lighten our load with prompt and efficient handling of our finances. The consistent communication involved us in every step of the process ensuring we were always up to date. Can't thank her enough for what she had to offer our family.
Thank you Colette!


The guys from Small Village were not short from amazing! I never in my wildest dreams even knew that these people existed. Finding myself in a hopeless rut in life, severe depression, financial debt and on the verge of bankruptcy. My sister recommended Small Village. One of the best things I have done in my life is getting in contact with them. Guy (the guys) worked their magic. I can finally breath again and get on with living the life I always wanted to live, without having to spend my whole pay check on my debts with no end in sight. Thank you
Des, Guy & Kay.


Earlier this year I was recommended the services of Small Village Therapy by a colleague of mine who thought they may be able to help. The reason I was seeking their assistance was that my brother who has been suffering from depression, substance abuse and mental illness had got himself into a terrible financial predicament where he owed many thousands of dollars to number of creditors including banks, utility providers and insurance companies and this was just spiralling out of control.
From the moment I contacted Des at Small Village Therapy he understood the situation my brother found himself in, was able to articulate a course of action and provide clear pathways for my brother moving forward. His team contacted my brother and myself to get the necessary information and documentation so that they could write to the creditors to seek some form of resolution. At all times I found Des and his team to be compassionate and understanding, they always kept us informed of the proceedings and communicated with us in clear and concise manner. In the end everything was resolved to our complete satisfaction which very much assisted my brother in his personal state. We found their fee structure to be fair and reasonable particularly if they do not fully succeed in the reversal of debt owed.
I would have no hesitation in recommending Small Village Therapy to anyone who finds themselves in a financial situation they see no way out of.


After losing my well paid job, I tried to deal with the banks / lenders myself. All I got was threats of bankruptcy, along with emotional and mental battering from the banks. After contacting SVT, Guy and Des allowed me to see the light at the end of a very dark tunnel.
They offered advice, not just financial, but also took great care of my emotional and mental wellbeing. I don't think my marriage or I for that matter, would have survived, if it wasn't for the team from SVT.


On behalf of Jess and myself we would like to extend our deepest gratitude to the Small Village Therapy Team for assisting us through some very dark, stressful financial issues. Thank you to Colette who has been our case worker and has worked tirelessly behind the scenes to get the results we were after. Her professionalism, compassion and diligence is to be commended. We would (and already have) recommend the Small Village Therapy Team to anyone. They show you that there really is a light at the end of the tunnel. Thank you again, we will be forever grateful!!

Josh and JessBrisbane

Small Village helped us when we needed it most!
Following birth complications and ongoing health issues, our expenses were increasing rapidly and with working no longer an option, we were down to a reduced single income whilst trying to live basically and meet the seemingly never ending credit card repayments that just seemed to grow! We tried everything we could to refinance or work out a way to pay the loan back but it was impossible! Then, after being referred to Des, light in the tunnel appeared.
Des and his team were able to remove so much stress from us while they acted on our behalf to negotiate the debt with the credit card company on our behalf. Ours ended up taking some time, but Colette our case manager, never gave up! She was continually following up on our case and we were never left out of the loop as to where things were up to. We recently received a positive outcome on our case and the relief is unexplainable! We have so much gratitude for Des and his team and know there was no way we could have fought this on our own. Hopefully we will never need debt assistance again, but if we do, we will be contacting Small Village immediately.
If anyone needs a debt resolved and weight off your shoulders, then I can't recommend these guys enough!

Kirsti & JustinAlbion Park

I'm happy with the service that I got from Small Village Therapy. I'm a single mother of 2 children who would not expect a simple phone call to change my life. I was in a lot of stress because of my loan while juggling work and raising my kids, and living pay check to pay check to pay the bills. Small Village Therapy helped me to see the light at the end of the tunnel. I cannot thank them enough of what they have done for me and my kids. I am now stress free and feel like I’m on track to have my life back. To all Small Village Therapy staff thank you so much for your help. I really appreciate it. Thank you.


I first heard about the work that Small Village do through a friend and immediately jumped on board. I was struggling with old debt that I didn’t think I’d ever get to pay off or stop getting phone calls about. The process from consult to completion was very fast and Kaity was very understanding and professional the entire time. She did such an amazing job dealing with my creditors! I couldn’t believe that I was in fact debt free and my credit history was also wiped clean! I would recommend them to anyone that needs this kind of assistance.

ErinGold Coast