Our Story

Mental health and financial difficulty go hand in hand. Studies show that where someone experiences mental health issues, they are likely to also experience financial difficulty. Conversely, someone experiencing financial difficulty is likely to experience mental health issues. The same also applies to those who have experienced family violence, financial abuse, Indigenous Australians amongst other vulnerable groups in our community.

Recognising the relationship between the vulnerable and financial difficulty, our mission is to bridge the gap and offer a holistic approach to addressing these issues.

Small Village was born in 2010. Back then we were known as Community Financial Assistance (or CFA). We mostly provided advocacy to people struggling with debt and occasionally provided access to mental health services where clients needed it. In 2019, having seen a significant increase in mental health issues within the community, we rebranded to Small Village Therapy (or SVT) and refocussed from a business that provided advocacy first and mental health services second, to a business which provides mental health services first and advocacy as a secondary service where we find financial difficulty is impacting our clients health and wellbeing.

Today, our team of Mental Health Professionals, Case Managers and Advocates provide a safety net where traditional safety nets have failed or no longer exist